Tuesday, September 19, 2017

5,500 asylum seekers illegally entered Quebec in August

The number of asylum seekers illegally crossing the border into Quebec continued to explode last month. More than 5,500 asylum seekers walked into Quebec in August -- close to double the number of people that walked across the border from the United States in July. 11,896 people have unlawfully crossed the border into Quebec this year, with another 1,300 more entering through Manitoba and British Columbia.
Once they step over the border, asylum seekers are eligible for Canadian benefits. Illegal asylum seekers who pass the initial screening are released into Canada. The federal government provides some benefits everywhere in Canada. Most provinces will take applications for social assistance as soon as asylum seekers have opened their refugee claim. Also included are basic health-care services, supplemental services such as dental care, limited vision care and prescription drug coverage. In short most illegal asylum seekers receive far more than needy Canadian citizens ever do.