Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stuntman to attempt Evel Knievel's launch over Snake River Canyon

Sept. 8, 1974, Evel Knievel sits in the steam powered rocket motorcycle that will hopefully take him across Snake River Canyon
Eddie Braun plans to strap into a steam-powered rocket cycle on Sept. 17 for a launch over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho made famous by Evel Knievel four decades ago.

Knievel was a popular figure who attempted many memorable motorcycle jumps over his career ... most ending badly. Knievel was the epitome of cool and calm. Just before the attempt, he landed on the cover of Sports Illustrated. After, his celebrity status was cemented.
For three years, Braun tried to launch this project and invested nearly $1.5 million. He's looking to raise another $150,000. Scott Truax used his father's blueprints to reconstruct the rocket. He wanted to show that his dad's version of Evel Knievel's "X2 Skycycle" would've worked, if not for the parachute malfunction.

The late Robert Truax was considered one of the world's top rocket scientists.