Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Disability fraudster Kumar Kothary admits to many scams

Toronto man Kumar Kothary, 57, has admitted bilking taxpayers and a charitable camp for kids with cancer out of about $545,000. Kothary admitted he sent his children to Camp Quality Canada — a charity camp program for children with cancer — for 10 years. Neither child ever had cancer. Kothary also admitted that he plundered the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for $379,229 from 2011 to February, 2015. Court heard he submitted false invoices and hotel bills until a caseworker discovered the scam. Kothary also ripped off $86,000 from another disability financial support program called Passport Funding, which reimburses parents for expenses paid for their disabled teens.

In order to obtain the ODSP benefits, he lied that his daughter was deaf, blind and diabetic. He also said she had the IQ of an infant and therefore couldn’t undergo testing. The Crown is seeking a three-year to four-year prison sentence.