Thursday, October 12, 2017

Canuck the Crow PNE gig over

Canuck the Crow, who has become world famous, has been a regular sight at the Vancouver amusement park for several years. Earlier this year the PNE decided to hire him on full time – with an hourly wage of $12.27.

PNE food and beverage manager Loredana Udovicic zeroed in on Canuck's obvious skills ... “He loves cotton candy. I think it’s the bright colors, he just goes in there. He can be a candy attendant.”

The PNE gig adds another line to Canuck’s already highly impressive resume.

Canuck won’t be spending all the dough he earned at the nearby McDonald’s he’s been known to frequent. Instead, the $1,000 he’ll earn was donated to the Night Owl Bird Hospital in Kitsilano.
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