Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Asshole Montreal Judge spews bullchit in sex assault case

Quebec’s justice minister is filing a complaint against a Montreal judge, saying he made “unacceptable” comments about a 17-year-old victim in a sexual assault case. Justice Jean-Paul Braun suggested that the girl, who was kissed and groped by a taxi driver in 2015, was probably “flattered” by the incident. The judge also made asinine comments about the girl’s appearance and weight.

The court heard that the driver forced himself on the girl, kissed her, and grabbed her body parts before she managed to escape from the vehicle. Taxi driver Carlo Figaro, 49 was found guilty, but during the trial, the judge said that trying to kiss someone could be acceptable.

Braun said the victim was ‘a little overweight’ but had a ‘pretty face.’