Friday, September 15, 2017

Scams for Dummies - Peak Positioning Technologies Inc - PKK.c

Johnson Joseph
Spotting securities crimes and the open criminals attached thereto is rarely rocket science. In fact its usually dead simple. Case in point is ridiculous Canadian OTC scam Peak Positioning Technologies Inc - PKK.c

On July 11, 2016 the co announced a 'purchase order agreement' worth two billion renminbi (approximately $385-million) to go along with a 'purchase order agreement' worth one billion renminbi (approximately $193-million) on July 5, 2016. And what great timing that is because there was a $ .02 unit financing on June 15 for 199 million units, which pushes O/S to 700 million or somesuch.

Jiang Wang

Liang Qiu
Before one swallows that rubbish and runs for our chequebooks to throw money away one best 'do' minimal due diligence eh citizens? First off Peak Position Technologies was and is dead, and we mean DEAD insolvent. Today it's capped well past $ 58m

Next tiny issue is the fact the SOURCE for these zillions of renminbi has zero google presence. Next is the fact the co is somehow PAYING for advertising on Stockhouse and PAYING for busted red-handed career securities butthole David Alexander Kuznecov to tout the paper to dumb sheeple.

David Alexander Kuznecov

Edward Vranic
Also being paid for sweet nothings is some Turd named Edward Vranic who's singular claim to fame seems to be writing straight-up rubbish about this pure junk.

Whilst David Alexander Kuznecov is spamming multiple threads on Stockhouse daily, these tards are saying their big Wang is in the process of liberating $ 4m of his personal funds from China to fund the idear. The legal limit for removing money from China is $ 50k per year but dopey sheeples don't need to worry their little heads about that. Ahuck.

Fools and their money, but DAMN, the biggest retard in the universe could smell this un a mile away.
Charles-André Tessier
Lets close with words from busted red-handed multiple times David Alexander Kuznecov ..."They are a middle man. They are taking possession of goods to sell at a profit. Transactions are revenues. This is not a hard concept to understand."

Well that's great Mr. Kuznecov. Why then did this operation report a large loss of $ 984,270 in Q2 2017? VERY recently it was revealed Mr. Wang was detained for 15 days in China, had assets seized, and is now restricted from leaving China. Meanwhile in November 2017 5,489,950 @ 0.025 units will be free trading, to go along with another 5,975,000 @ 0.025 in December. Yup, money in the bank.

David Alexander Kuznecov