Monday, August 7, 2017

'Come catch me if you can ya dooggs': Man taunts Police, ends badly

A Sydney man may have taken the title of Australia's dumbest aretard after leading police right to his own doorstep when taunting them online. Cops shared CCTV images to their Facebook page on Thursday of a man who had allegedly punched a self-checkout machine while abusing staff at Woolworth's.

Officers were surprised to find one Facebook user taunting them with a comment that read: 'Come catch me if you can ya dooggs'.
And catching him was exactly what they did, via Facebook. 'Friday afternoon the challenge was accepted and I "unleashed the hounds" on the wanted fox,' the Cop Facebook post read. Within 1 hour of their release, they found the hapless suspect.

Internet users had many comments, 'He's that dumb he'd go to throw himself on the ground and miss"