Friday, July 21, 2017

Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs and wife charged with extortion

Keith Hobbs and wife Marisa
Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs and his wife have been charged with extortion and obstructing justice in the same investigation that led to the arrest of the city’s police chief less than three months ago, according to the Ontario Provincial Police. The OPP said in a release Friday the mayor, 65, his wife Marisa Hobbs, 53, and a third woman identified as 46-year-old Mary Voss had been arrested.

Hobbs will remain on paid leave for an undetermined amount of time. After the last election Hobbs claimed his victory was "for the small people". "I'm looking forward to four years of looking after our social needs in this city," he said. "We're going to beat down crime."
Meanwhile court proceedings involving Thunder Bay Police Chief J.P. Levesque have been put over for another month. Levesque, 53, was charged in May by Ontario Provincial Police with breach of trust and obstruction of justice. The charges stem from allegations that he disclosed confidential information concerning Hobbs.