Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Suspended Toronto lawyer who solicited bikers disbarred

Suspended Toronto lawyer Joel A. Sumner, who threatened to shoot a California prosecutor in the head and exhorted two rival biker gangs to harm him has been disbarred. Sumner “embarked on a campaign of vigilante justice” against San Bernardino District Attorney John Kochis and solicited Hells Angels and Devils Diciples gang members to detain him, and if he resisted, to kill him.

Sumner was disbarred in California in December 2014 after a lengthy vitriolic stream of threatening emails and communications. Sumner, 40, is facing criminal charges for uttering threats and harassment in Toronto and 27 charges in California.
The dispute arose from domestic allegations involving Sumner and his roommate in 2007. Those charges were dismissed in early 2008 (in exchange for a $300 charitable donation to a shelter). Kochis only worked with Sumner and his lawyer on a declaration of Sumner’s factual innocence.

Sumner became enraged over the charitable donation and for several years through the spring of 2016, sent bizarre e-mails and messages to Kochis and the Law Society prosecutor’s office.