Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Canuck the Crow causes kerfuffle at his McDonald's

Vancouver's famous feather-brained ruffian, Canuck the crow, caused another flap this weekend at a local fast food outlet, mere days after terrorizing a mailman in the city.

The bold bird ruffled feathers at a McDonald’s in east Vancouver on Sunday morning, in an encounter one witness captured on video. The video shows Canuck perched on a divider in the restaurant, strutting back and forth and occasionally leaping down to go after customers' food.
The bird does not appear to harm anyone, but it does get into an altercation with one woman after landing on her table and trying to snatch her breakfast. The woman can be seen grabbing Canuck, which causes the bird to squawk angrily in response. She releases the bird a few moments later, and it returns to its perch on the divider.

The bird had originally entered the restaurant through an open door. Canuck's caretaker, Shawn Bergman, says the bird is no stranger to that particular McDonald's.