Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Home invasion ends badly for retard

Police say the female resident (a 52 year old) answered a knock at her door. As soon as she opened the door, a masked man stepped into the doorway, grabbed her arm, and attempted to pull her outside. When this initial assault proved unsuccessful, the masked man pushed the resident back inside the home and shouted, “This is a robbery!” “The victim grabbed a baseball bat from behind the door and fought back" the KPD news release says.
The woman struggled with her attacker removing his mask and recognizing him as family friend, Joe Sotello. She also noticed the gun tucked in his waistband.
Two teenage witnesses (both 18 year old white female adults) were in the residence at the time and joined in clearly justifiable third-party defense of the victim. Together, the three women physically drove Mr. Sotello out of the house and onto the front lawn.

The woman who had been holding the flyer (later determined to be Mr. Sotello’s girlfriend) fled to a silver Honda. Mr. Sotello attempted to get into the car with her; however, he could not escape the three women who continued to get the better of him.”