Friday, April 28, 2017

Model's boyfriend killed himself after discovering she was a drug smuggler

Father-of-two David Swankie, 29, believed he had found the girl of his dreams in Sarah Riches when they met two years ago. But just six months into their romance the mechanical engineer was devastated when Riches, 26, was busted by police after she helped a crimelord smuggle large quantities of cocaine from Mexico into the UK.

When Riches went to jail for seven years, her boyfriend was left to pay her household bills and deal with her old gangland associates who began harassing him.
He lost his job, lost weight and began drinking heavily. Just a month after Riches went to prison, Mr Swankie texted his mother saying: "I love you all very much - but I will see people in another life." He was found hanged at his home the following day.

Police and said the drugs Riches helped smuggle into the UK were concealed in computer hard drives, which had the internal components removed. Ringleader, Paul Law, 36, arranged for the cocaine to be imported via online courier companies and used his car valeting company called 'P&D Auto Clean' as a 'charade' for money laundering and cocaine production by the group. Law was jailed for 14 years after he was convicted of conspiracy to supply cocaine and cocaine importation.