Saturday, April 22, 2017

Flirty model smuggling cocaine fails to charm border officers

Federal border patrol officers thought Anett Pikula seemed “overly talkative” when she was stopped at an Arizona crossing in 2015. “Flirtation was what was going on” spokesman Garrett Reinhart said.

Suspicious officers sent the curvy 39-year-old for a second look, and a drug-sniffing dog quickly keyed in on a secret compartment at the engine firewall. Investigators opened up the Mercedes and found 6 kilos of cocaine
Pikula, who was born in Mexico, had just been granted U.S. citizenship in April and lives in a Phoenix suburb. The divorced brunette is an audacious world-traveler, posting seductive shots on social media from exotic locales across the globe, including Dubai, Amsterdam and Brazil.

Customs officers seized the drugs and Mercedes.