Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cop Hating Vancouver Crow Strikes - Cops Powerless

A crow nearly sabotaged a Vancouver police investigation, and it's not the first time officers have been targeted by the bird.

A police investigation was interrupted recently by a crow with an eye for shiny things – in this case, a knife. Officers were in the area of Hastings and Cassiar streets on an unrelated call when they were directed to a parking lot car fire. Police said a man came at them with a knife as they were responding to the blaze, and the man was shot at in the altercation. Few details have been released, other than that the 28-year-old suspect was taken into custody and brought to hospital with gunshot wounds.

The winged villain was spotted by VPD attempting to sabotage a police cruiser. In that case it managed to steal the "F6" button and dismantle the keyboard of the on-board mobile data terminal before fleeing the scene.
While police were still at the scene, a curious crow flew down and picked up the knife. "The bird flew away while a cop chased it for about 15 to 20 feet, and then the crow dropped it and took off,” Mike Howell, a reporter for the Vancouver Courier, told CBC.

"It was eventually gathered as evidence (the knife – not the bird)" Police said. Cops are pinning the near heist on a known troublemaker "caw"nvict Canuck the Crow, often referred to as Vancouver's most notorious bird.

Canuck the Crow with cop issue pen. The feathered felon is known to frequent the East Van neighborhood and fork with the Po Po.
The suspect has been described as approximately 17.5 inches long, with black feathers. At the time of the cruiser vandalism (allegation), it was wearing a red tracking leg band.

Canuck's dastardly deeds are regularly posted on social media, including on the crow's own Facebook page (with more than 13,000 followers) and Twitter account. The crow also has its own hashtag, #canuckthecrow. Canuck is no bird brain when it comes to media exposure, even posing for a mock interview with CBC’s Dan Burritt last September after an alleged attack on a cyclist.
There is reason to believe that Canuck isn't acting alone and it may, in fact, be gang related.

Dozens of crow attacks have been reported across the city in the last few months.