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Ponzi-accused Centaur man Scott Williams - Duane McGaw, David Wotherspoon

Investigators reckon Australian fraudster Scott Williams made at least $28 million out of global Ponzi scheme called Centaur Litigation. Williams, a man of many, many names who has been convicted for running a boiler room scam in Thailand, is at the centre of a two-year chase for assets that’s circled the globe from the Cayman Islands to Thailand and has now reached its climax in a Sydney courtroom.

At stake is the chance of any recovery for investors who pumped £80 million ($128m) into the Centaur fraud. One of Centaur’s arms, Buttonwood, ran out of a Hong Kong office, while another, Orion Litigation, worked from Singapore. Williams lived for many years in Thailand. Two other key Centaur players, Briton Brendan Terrill, who ran the Hong Kong office, and Canadian Duane McGaw, have scattered across the globe. Terrill was sentenced to three years’ jail in Britain for child porn. McGaw is in Vancouver running a Japanese restaurant and investing millions in real estate.

Duane McGaw
Vancouver restaurant owner Duane McGaw has won an injunction in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against OffshoreAlert, the Florida publication that he says defamed him by calling him a con man. The injunction, handed down on January 19, 2016 orders the site to refrain from printing statements that link Mr. McGaw to his offshore investment fraud. It also orders the site's operator to pay damages in an amount that the court still must assess.

The order has zero effect however and OffshoreAlert entirely ignored the lawsuit. Its only response to the matter has been to put up a web page that it says will be a permanent entry detailing Mr. McGaw's crooked actions. The site's operator, David Marchant, has also made it clear that he will not comply with any of the demands from Mr. McGaw or his expert lawyer Mr. David Wotherspoon. "The information complained about will not be removed from our site and no apology will be forthcoming"

Defamation lawsuits in foreign countries are not enforceable in the US ... something lawyer David Wotherspoon is apparently ignorant of.

As an aside is this not yet ANOTHER stinging indictment of the dead crooked lawyertards ruling the Supreme Court in British Columbia? Take another bow useless as chit B.C. Law Society. I complained and got told to fuk right off, in the first week, as per usual.

There is ZERO doubt whatever that the OPEN criminal McGaw stole something around $ 10m (pounds), mostly from retirees, and saying this truth is defamatory in British Columbia and it will result in crooked scum using that stolen dough ALONG WITH TAXPAYER SUPPLIED FUNDS to sue.
I say again citizens. Its the B.C. taxpayer that pays the greatest freight for BCSC abuse. McGaw picked British Columbia to live for a reason. That reason is the province is chock full of crooks, most of them lawyers.

UNREAL is the size of the joke that is the administration of law in B.C.*CURRENT-2341084&symbol=*CURRENT&region=C

Duane McGaw
"Duane McGaw was a principal of the onshore/offshore-based Argentum Capital Group, whose litigation funding scheme was exposed as a fraud by OffshoreAlert on February 18th, 2014, quickly causing its collapse. Investors were offered double-digit annual "fixed returns" as high as 15%, with both returns and principal purportedly "protected" by insurance policies and other financial safety nets to ensure payment even if funded lawsuits were unsuccessful. They were shown charts indicating that all 20 asset classes issued from April, 2010 to July, 2013 had achieved substantial total returns, ranging from 27% in 27 months to 89% in two years. It was all lies"
The Centaur/Buttonwood Litigation Funding Ponzi Scheme involved:

Buttonwood Legal Capital
Centaur Litigation
Orion Litigation
Argentum Investment Management.
Total Fund Amount : 90 Million GBP
Launch date of Investment: 2010, scheme was uncovered by OffShoreAlert report: March 2014
Payment to investors since Ponzi exposure: $0
More than £27 million of the £90 million raised from investors by the Cayman Islands-domiciled Centaur Group may have been misappropriated by insiders, according to the Joint Provisional Liquidators.

Duane McGaw
The "key beneficiaries" of "irregular transactions" from August, 2011 to March, 2014 were Scott Williams, Duane McGaw, and Brendan Terrill

D McGaw (250)388-0502 125 Aldersmith Pl 109 Victoria BC V9A7M7
Founding Partner - Argentum Capital Limited
Chief Executive Officer Argentum Litigation Services
Chief Operating Officer Argentum Litigation Services
Board Member Argentum Capital Limited

Busted with child porn Brendan Terrill
"Vancouver, October 19, 2015 – Hungerford Properties has refurbished a historic warehouse in Mount Pleasant and next week, it will see the launch of Q Shi Q, an innovative 30-seat Japanese BBQ restaurant and sake bar.

Next door, another Hungerford building will soon be home to Double Negative (DNeg), one of the world’s major producers of visual effects for the film industry, with branches in London and Singapore."

George Hungerford and his two sons, Michael and Andrew.
Hungerford Properties has an "impressive" management team. The three partners of George Hungerford and his two sons, Michael and Andrew.

"Hungerford Properties follows a core set of values as it develops and manages properties in numerous markets throughout Western Canada."

"We stand behind what we do. We’re a corporation that has a face and a conscience.” - Michael Hungerford

“Hungerford, the company and people, set high standards, which creates a thriving culture of excellence, making this an exciting place to be.” - George Hungerford
Lets say howdy do to Paul Silk.

He is the highly ethical "Director of Investor Relations" for Hungerford Properties. How did he land such an important position? Well, it likely had zero to do with actual merit (or ethics) because he married Janie Hungerford.
Hungerford Properties
Suite 1088 - 550 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6C 2B5 Canada
Telephone: 604-736-8500
Fax: 604-736-8550

Hungerford Properties Partner Michael Hungerford

Politico Tom Siddon. Jane Hungerford, George Hungerford (
So Citizens. Would it surprise anybody that British Columbia LiarTard extraordinary Mr. David Wotherspoon, a self-proclaimed defamation 'expert' and protector of priceless McGaw reputation is tight as well paid pee pee up George Hungerford bumhole? Well, since it ain't surprising here it is ...