Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kristopher Teichrieb faces new charge - Update II

KAMLOOPS - A Kamloops man charged with assaulting a teenager with a baseball bat last year will be going to trial on a different charge next April. Kristopher Teichrieb is facing charges of attempted murder and assault with a weapon in connection to the alleged assault against Savona teenager Jessie Simpson.

After being denied bail twice, Teichrieb has been behind bars for about 10 months, ever since he was arrested following the June 19, 2016 incident near his Brocklehurst property. During his time in prison, Teichrieb was charged with counselling an indictable offence. Court documents show he allegedly counselled someone to commit bodily harm against another person. Court documents show a trial date for that charge has been set for April 16 to 19 of 2018. That trial is set to take place in Surrey Provincial Court. A date has not yet been set for Teichrieb's Kamloops Supreme Court jury trial for the attempted murder and assault with a weapon charges in connection to the alleged assault against Simpson.

Jessie Simpson in his 2016 grad photo
Kristopher Teichrieb's preliminary inquiry was scheduled for 4 days but concluded in a few hours with Teichrieb being ordered to stand trial. He is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault that left 18-year-old Jessie Simpson unconscious. Simpson, who has since turned 19, has been in a coma ever since June, 2016.

A Kamloops man who has been behind bars since beating a teen into a coma had his B.C. Supreme Court bail hearing delayed to give his lawyer more time to deal with a new charge — one that alleges he counselled another inmate at a Surrey jail to commit assault causing bodily harm. The new charge against Kristopher Teichrieb dates back to late October. A court-ordered ban prevents any additional information from being published.

Jessie Simpson
Charged with the attempted murder of a Savona teen, Kristopher Teichrieb has remained in custody since June 19.

Still unconscious and on life support after an assault, Jessie Simpson turned 19 years old on July 26. His mother Sue has been at his bedside daily since the assault. Jesse Simpson remains unresponsive in a coma in hospital. Reports have suggested he is brain dead and would likely not survive if taken off medical support. A publication ban remains in effect.

Kristopher Teichrieb
Kristopher Teichrieb walked into a Kamloops courtroom with a big smile on his face on Monday July 18, waving at a group of friends and family seated in the gallery. He has been in custody since he was arrested June 19 after Jessie Simpson was beaten into a coma near Teichrieb’s Brocklehurst home.
Kristopher Teichrieb said little during a brief appearance in Kamloops provincial court on Monday, June 27. Kristopher Teichrieb is charged with attempted murder in connection to the assault of Jessie Simpson. Defence lawyer Jeremy Jensen hinted at the fact Teichrieb’s charge could be upgraded to murder if Simpson’s condition changes. Jensen asked that a potential bail hearing be delayed.

Bail hearings for people charged with murder take place in B.C. Supreme Court. If Teichrieb’s charge is not upgraded, his bail hearing on the attempted murder charge would take place in provincial court. Jesse Simpson has been declared brain dead by doctors.

Jessie Simpson
19-year-old Jessie Simpson remained in a coma on Monday after being beaten, reportedly with a baseball bat, on Holt Street in Kamloops in the early-morning hours of Sunday, June 19.

Kristopher Teichrieb, 39, has been charged with attempted murder. Teichrieb will appear in court on Thursday.

Family of Simpson have been told by doctors that he is brain dead. Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said the incident occurred at about 4:50 a.m. when a resident looked out his window and saw a male standing in his driveway. He went outside to confront the unwanted visitor and assaulted the man with a weapon.

Kristopher Teichrieb
Jessie Simpson, who graduated from South Kamloops secondary this year, was coming home from a grad party before the violent incident. He is described as small, standing about 5-foot-6, with a slight build.

Jesse Simpson was chased down Holt Street and suffered three open skull fractures.

Kristopher Teichrieb