Friday, November 18, 2016

Calgary cop Gerard Brand to jury: 'I am not a crook'

His voice often raised and quivering with emotion, Calgary police Det. Gerard Brand told jurors this week that he is not a criminal. “No matter what happened here, I loved this job, I would do this job for free,” Brand said, of his devotion to policing and the Calgary Police Service. “For them to accused me of being a criminal ...” he said, his voice tinged with emotion and wiping tears.

He suggested he was the victim of poor police work and vengeance by some who didn’t like him. He said much of the Crown’s case was based on “a great deal of speculation". Brand blamed insomnia for accessing CPS computer systems at odd hours. Brand faces charges of breach of trust by a public official and unauthorized use of a computer for accessing police databases related to 24 people. The jury is deliberating today to decide if, in fact, Gerard Brand is a crook.
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