Saturday, October 1, 2016

Steve Ovadia busted in Laval

Steve Ovadia, reputed to be the 'right arm' of Stefano Sollecito was arrested September 15th in a series of raids in Laval. The Regional Task Squad (ERM) of the North Shore landed at five addresses on the island of Laval. The searches occurred in the context of an anti-mafia investigation. This was a response to the wave of fire in the Italian cafes of Montreal.

Among the places visited by police, the residence of Montreal mob associate Steve Ovadia.

Stefano Sollecito

Leonardo Rizzuto, Stefano Sollecito
Three Italian coffee shops related to Vito Rizzuto clan were targeted by arsonists since the beginning of September. On one of the crime scenes, a mysterious message was found, suggesting that attempts to destroy what remains of the Sicilian clan.

The Rizzuto clan is currently very weak due to recent arrests of some of its most influential members, and the murder of some big names in their ranks.