Monday, October 24, 2016

NYPD Cop was drug lord’s ‘right hand man’

Merlin Alston, an NYPD officer facing narcotics conspiracy charges, was a Bronx drug dealer's right hand man for four years, prosecutors said.

Alston, 34, protected and drove the coke kingpin as he delivered product. He also tipped several dealers off to cops' investigations. Alston is currently suspended from the department.

Robert Bishun
Alston's bail was revoked after the murder of a key witness against him. Robert Bishun, 36, was abducted from his auto body shop and found strangled in the back of his BMW, a zip tie wrapped around his neck. Details of the grisly murder were outlined by federal prosecutors who described it as a contract killing. Bishun was slated to testify against Alston because the crooked cop and the dealer twice picked up cocaine from a hidden compartment in a car at his auto body shop.

Another cooperating witness had his house shot up in a drive-by.