Monday, October 31, 2016

Calgary Cop Gerard Brand sold computer information

A Calgary lending company paid $2,300 to Calgary police Det. Gerard Brand for information about debtors, a jury heard. Brand faces charges of breach of trust by a public official and unauthorized use of a computer for accessing Calgary Police and the RCMP’s federal database.

Prosecutors said jurors will hear evidence Brand sold information to a lending company, Manila Capital, that he obtained through his employment. None of the individuals for which Brand obtained information were the subject of an actual police investigation. An email trail shows Brand sent the company 22 invoices.
Brand also used the databases to obtain information about individuals for a friend of his. The investigation uncovered the names of 39 Manila Capital debtors and four names related to Brand’s friend. A 21-year veteran of the Calgary police at the time of his arrest in May 2012, Brand has been suspended with pay ever since. Aside from Brand, three current and former Calgary officers also face breach of trust charges. They too are accused of accessing confidential databases for a private company.

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