Thursday, December 8, 2016

3 Calgary cops face latest criminal misconduct charges

In October another three Calgary cops were charged with criminal misconduct. This summer Clayton Prince flees on foot after a vehicle stop. After he surrenders to the cops and is lying on the ground on his stomach, hands behind his head, officers assault him before and after he is handcuffed. Broken ribs, a collapsed lung, significant bruising, a cut on his face. When a handcuffed Prince is in the back of the police car one constable digs the point of a key into Prince's neck behind his left ear.

Prince is charged with resisting arrest, as well as possessing a small amount of pot.
The press move on to Calgary Police HQ for city top cop Roger Chaffin. His people hand out a statement. Despite the poll showing half of Calgarians disapprove of the way city cops do their job, Chaffin says he knows Calgarians have "great confidence" in the cops. Only 39% approve. How does Chaffin explain the string of bad stories going back two years? "We're policing in a difficult time," says the chief, again.