Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New Hells Angels support club growing in Cambridge

The Stolen Souls motorcycle club originated in Halton, but left that community about two years ago and made the move to Cambridge. Since then it's grown to about 30 members said Staff Sgt. Len Isnor, who oversees the OPP's biker enforcement unit. "Usually, the average support club is somewhere in the area of a dozen, so 30 is a lot," said Isnor. The more members in a club, said Isnor, the more that club has to divvy up territory and responsibilities, which can lead to increased tensions among members.
The Stolen Souls Motorcycle Club has established a chapter in Cambridge. The puppet club of the Hells Angels has 13 members and its membership is climbing according to police.

The Kitchener area has been a stronghold for biker gangs. Kitchener's Hells Angels chapter has 21 full-patch members. A puppet gang is made up of men who are sponsored by the Hells Angels to insulate gang members from criminal prosecution.
Kitchener was home to Satan's Choice, which was absorbed through a Hells Angels "patch over" in December 2000. In Kitchener, the Satan's Choice was one of the five founding chapters in Ontario with a group established in the region since 1965.

Andre Watteel of Cambridge is one of the region's best-known career bikers. He became president of the local chapter of the Hells Angels.