Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Montreal Arson fires 'sending a message'

Another arson fire suggests someone is intent on sending messages to people tied to the Montreal Mafia. Just before midnight on September 16, someone tried to set fire to a St-Léonard food-distribution company with past ties to the Rizzuto organization.

Firefighters dealt with the blaze on Magloire St., which began after someone smashed a window and tossed an incendiary device inside. Sprinklers contained the flames before major damage was done, Montreal police say.
The fire was set at John & Dino, a company that used to be owned by Agostino Cuntrera, a longtime member of the Rizzuto organization who was gunned down in front of the very same company in 2010.

Cuntrera’s son Liborio, 48, was alleged to have been made a leader in the Rizzuto organization. It is possible arrests have disrupted an alliance between the Montreal Mafia, Hells Angels and Montreal-area street gangs that has existed for a few years, police sources speculated recently. Through the alliance, the criminal organizations would deal with disputes at high levels, with orders trickling down. “That system appears to have fallen apart,” a police source who investigates organized crime told the Montreal Gazette last week.
In Laval, someone tried to set fire to Café Bellerose, a past Mob hangout where Ennio Bruni, 36, was shot and killed in 2010 in a Mob hit. Bruni was an underling in the Rizzuto organization. Project Colisée, a large-scale investigation into the Mafia that ended in 2006, revealed that he had close ties to one of the organization’s leaders, Francesco Del Balso.

On Sept. 9, someone tried to set fire to two buildings on Jean-Talon St. E., near Papineau St. that have also been linked to people with ties to the Rizzuto organization in the past. One building is the location of Café Empire, a place Stefano Sollecito, 48, used as a hangout until he and Leonardo Rizzuto, 47, were arrested late last year in Projects Magot and Mastiff.