Monday, August 29, 2016

Thieves make cash machine withdrawal in St. Louis, SK

A heist played out last Sunday morning in St Louis, SK. An Automated Teller Machine was stolen from the Affinity Credit Union, around 5:20a.m. while local residents watched the whole thing unfold.

Three men in a white Dodge truck backed up to the front door of the bank. They smashed the front door and attached a yellow tow rope to the ATM.
The rope broke on their first attempt. The second attempt was successful and the truck dragged the ATM down the street.

The men stopped the truck several times and attempted to lift the ATM into the back of the truck, but the machine was too heavy. A second pick up arrived to assist. Both trucks were last seen heading east on highway 25 toward Birch Hills. St Louis is about half an hour south of Prince Albert.
Earlier this year, Mounties asked for help solving nearly a dozen ATM thefts in rural Saskatchewan. ATM thefts have become so rampant in Alberta that the RCMP have a dedicated team of officers to investigate them.