Saturday, August 20, 2016

Police launch road safety blitz as Hells Angels gather in Waterloo

Regional police are conducting roadside checks in Waterloo Saturday afternoon, as a local Hells Angels chapter holds it’s annual field day in the area.

A regional police command unit has been set up in the area along with a roadside check.
Police expect several hundred Hells Angels and affiliates for the annual field day.
Robert Barletta

Barletta’s liquor licence for 'Famous Flesh Gordon’s' on Dundas St was revoked in 2014.

Hells Angels Clubhouse - Kitchener
In late 2014 Kitchener Hells Angels Frank Strauss was sentenced to 11 years in prison when he was convicted of 17 offences — most involving gun and drug trafficking.

The judge said he was a 'career criminal' and 'beyond rehabilitation'. The judge concluded his primary occupation was running a drug distribution network. He was lead away as 35 students from a local high school law class watched.

Around the same time it was revealed that nine of the 12 full-patch members and two of the three hangarounds of the chapter have extensive criminal records. Four were facing current charges.