Monday, July 4, 2016

NCC shutters Heinous Kids Lemonade Stand

The organization in charge of several pieces of land in the National Capital Region shut down a lemonade stand being operated by two young girls on Canada Day long weekend. They didn't have an NCC permit.

A literal Canadian chitstorm quickly erupted.

Seven-year-old Eliza Andrews and her five-year-old sister Adela hoped to raise enough money for summer camp, but they were told by a National Capital Commission officer to pack up and leave.
Critics of the shutdown even included the former cabinet minister responsible for oversight of the organization. The NCC was in full damage control mode and by Monday morning issued a news release saying that it reviewed how one of their 'junior' conservation officers handled the situation and found that, while the officer was acting in good faith to enforce the rules, "it could have been handled differently."
The National Capital Commission is a Canadian Crown corporation that administers the federally owned lands and buildings in the National Capital Region, Ottawa.

National Capital Commission chair Russell Mills.