Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gimli Manitoba invaded by fishflies

Mountains of fishflies are piling up in the Manitoba town of Gimli where town workers are scooping them with shovels and filling dozens of garbage bags at a time.

Officals says the town on the shore of Lake Winnipeg is used to the regular mid-July visit from the fishflies — but this year is different.

Easterly winds have carried the insects into the town in droves.
The insects are actually burrowing mayflies. They begin life in the soft substrate at the bottom of lakes and rivers, where they live for two years or more. They have gills and during their adult lifespan, they don't eat. The flies only live for 24 hours and give off an “atrocious” smell once they die. It smells like millions of rotting fish carcasses.

They are impossible to avoid when walking down the street, crunching underfoot.