Monday, June 27, 2016

Trump Poll Numbers Plunge

Following a month of self-­inflicted controversies, the survey shows that support for Trump is plunging, including among fellow Republicans, propelling Democrat Hillary Clinton to a double-digit lead nationally.

The poll reveals new doubts about Trump within his own party just three weeks before Republicans convene in Cleveland for their national convention. 64 percent say he does not have the necessary credentials to be president. Fifty-six percent feel strongly that he is unqualified.
Roughly 2 in 3 Americans are anxious about the idea of him as president; believe his comments about women, minorities and Muslims show an unfair bias; and consider his attacks on a federal judge because of his Mexican American heritage to be racist.

85 percent say Trump's comments were inappropriate.

In a Bloomberg poll released June 15, the Republican Party's favourability rating hit a new low. Just 32% of Americans viewed the GOP favorably — the lowest that rating has been since the poll's inception in 2009.