Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Mississauga MPP Delaney insists he never called police on mom of autistic boy

Bob Delaney
In a lengthy letter posted to his website this past weekend, Mississauga MPP Bob Delaney told constituents he did not call police on a mother planning a demonstration outside his office to protest changes to the Ontario Autism Program.

The Mississauga-Streetsville MPP said he "wanted emotion around the incident to die down" He said his office staff, “one a young mother and the other a grandmother,” was apprehensive about possibly having to deal with a possible group of protestors who might come in the office. Police were called for advice, Delaney said.
"Neither I nor our office staff ever instructed or asked the officers to take any action at all,” Delaney noted in his letter to constituents. That afternoon, we discovered through the media that the officers who had come to see us had chosen to visit Mrs. Palaypayon at her home,” he added.

Mr. Bob Delaney is a flaming example of a tard with delusions of grandeur and a wholesale inability to STFU whilst being COMPLETELY obtuse to the fact he is insulting everyone's intelligence. Clearly he is playing the 'blame game' and holy fuk dude. Voters in his riding deserve much better than whatever the flying fuk Delaney is dishing up for them.
As an aside Mr. Bob Delaney is a textbook example of how NOT to do 'the spin'. The man was a 100% pure fukkin dope calling the cops in the first place and EVERYTHING he's 'done' subsequently is contrary to every rule in the propaganda handbook. He should not be in politics. Bob Delaney needed to resign long ago.
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