Thursday, June 16, 2016

Corruption probe leads to charges against Calgary police officers

Retired officer Steve Walton, who was with the CPS from 1978 to 2003
Two current Calgary police officers, along with three retired members, are among seven people being probed in a criminal case looking into allegations of criminal harassment and breach of trust.

Investigators launched a criminal investigation after a woman involved in a legal dispute with her estranged partner complained she was being harassed by private investigators conducting surveillance on her.
Const. Bryan Allan Morton, 32, and Sgt. Bradford Robert McNish, 58, have been charged, along with two former officers, Stephen Charles Walton, 59, and Anthony John Braile, 47. Also charged were Walton’s wife, Heather Naomi Walton, 53, who worked as a civilian employee with the CPS from 1990 to 2003, and Walton's client, Kenneth Robert Carter, 65.

The charges come after Carter was in the middle of a messy child-custody battle. He hired Walton's company to track his former common-law spouse, and several people were hired to follow the woman around and report on her activity. Police databases were accessed hundreds of times to extract private information.
McNish is charged with bribery, unauthorized use of a computer and breach of trust. Braile is charged with criminal harassment, bribery and unauthorized use of a computer. Stephen Walton is charged with criminal harassment, bribery of officers, improper storage of a firearm and perjury.

Heather Walton is charged with criminal harassment, bribery and improper storage of a firearm. Carter is charged with criminal harassment and perjury.