Friday, May 13, 2016

Woman “traumatized” by deflated breast implant has lawsuit tossed

Eva Dudas, 52, claimed that on June 23, 2014, she got an upset stomach after eating lunch at the Ikea store in Coquitlam, B.C. and then entered the washroom for several minutes.

She was then injured after falling down and was taken by ambulance to hospital, where she complained about a painful sternum and having difficulty breathing. When she donned a hospital gown, Dudas discovered her left breast implant had fully deflated and was “traumatized” by the discovery.

Paris Hilton untraumatized, left. Traumatized, right.
Dudas was discharged after X-rays were taken and subsequently had followup surgery to repair the deflated implant. She claimed the floor was wet. The judge noted that neither of Ikea’s safety and security personnel observed any sign of the washroom floor being wet or damp.

“The plaintiff’s fall was unfortunate,” he concluded. “However, I am unable to find that it was the result of a breach of duty on the part of the defendants.”