Monday, May 2, 2016

Toronto unveils latest in War on Raccoon Nation

Toronto Mayor John Tory christened the new “raccoon-proof” green bins in front of a Scarborough home Thursday. It's time for a “new offensive” — bigger bins with a locking dial on top, Tory said.

Asked what he'll do if he loses the bet with the cunning critters, Tory was hesitant to concede the possibility of defeat. Almost a half-million bins will be rolled out across Toronto over the next 18 months. Derick Foster, an Atlanta-based industrial designer for Rehrig Pacific, spent time studying raccoon behaviour before creating and testing the bin.
“You have the biggest raccoons I've ever seen up here,” he marvelled. “I think your big problem is going to be what are they going to eat now?” Mayor Tory's response: “The diets of raccoons is not my problem.”
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