Sunday, May 8, 2016

Air Canada offers partial refunds to Fort McMurray evacuees

The Air Canada announcement comes after allegations of price-gouging, with photos showing ticket prices above $4,000 circulating on social media. However, Air Canada says it did not intentionally raise prices.

“Contrary to allegations in social media, fares were not raised in response to this devastating situation. In some cases, customers booking last minute on May 3 and 4 on flights from Fort McMurray and Edmonton have paid premium fares. This was a result of Air Canada’s computerized revenue management system, which automatically manages fares."
Beautiful says we. Blame the computer for fukking Canadians up the ass. As virtually everybody in this country knows, Air Canada fares are ALWAYS stupid, stupid high because of it's mandated virtual monopoly. Even with massive influence over prices this joke has gone bankrupt multiple times.

Tara Topolinsky was told a flight to Vancouver from Edmonton would cost about $200 more than normal. She was eager to leave and paid about $780 for a business class seat for the same day.

Air Canada says it is waiving baggage and pet transportation fees.