Friday, April 1, 2016

Toronto woman slapped with $82 shut-off fee after Bell breaks water line

A Toronto woman was shocked to arrive home to find a massive hole in her front lawn and her water shut off this winter. The culprit? Routine maintenance carried out by Bell without notice that was approved by the city but wound up breaking a water line.

When Liu returned home from work on February 8 she found a large hole filled with water with an orange fence around it. Tacked to her door was a notice that the water had been shut off.

A Bell spokesperson confirmed the maintenance work was being done on equipment buried in a city easement in front of Liu's home and that the work was authorized by the city.
However, the Bell contractor failed to notify Liu of the work. "We've followed up with the contractor about that" the spokesperson revealed.

Last week, Liu received a water bill for $267.73 — up dramatically. Part of the reason is an $82 water shut-off fee. Today, her lawn is still marred by a muddy swath the size of a small car, and the city is still demanding payment.
After media inquiries, the Bell spokesperson revealed Liu was now being offered "goodwill compensation" in the form of 3 months of free internet service - something Liu said she may decline.

She said Bell offered to reimburse her only after CBC News began looking into the story.