Sunday, April 24, 2016

Terence Mcleron - Keeping the fish tank cleaner in Oz

Our hero in Perth WA is PI and author Terence Mcleron. Besides helping us keep tabs on major Oz scoundrels Mick 'Many Names' Shemesian and the terrible import Brett Matich, he involves himself with many other scumbags, and there is no shortage in his 'fishtank'. Observe 'Serving Hot Potato Subpoena'
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"Please see attached for your immediate attention.
Brett Matich "I have been retained by Mr. Brett Matich with respect to the above captioned matter in connection with the identification, removal and recovery of damages for libelous statements you’ve made or published, directly or indirectly, through the Sites. Your publication of the Sites and posts thereon demonstrates a pattern and practice of consistently and maliciously publishing disparaging, defamatory information for the single purpose of damaging the personal and professional reputation of those discussed therein. Such publication is an egregious violation of the federal law of Canada and the provincial law of British Columbia. My client demands that you cease and desist from such disparagement and defamation and remove any posts directed to my client or any of his associated companies immediately."
Suzan El-Khatib
As many loyal readers know well, Mr. Brett Matich did a 'midnight move' the hell outta Oz just steps ahead of getting jailed. The media was camped out in front of his home and he ran away (as cowards do) just slightly ahead of the handcuffs. He was also accused of rape by a staff member. Apparently Mr. Matich finds great success with the ladies by spiking their drinks.

Matich is intimately associated to global securities chitface Mick 'many names' Shemesian. His career in Canada has been the joke of a busted red-handed conman. He connected with the Hairless/Bumring tagteam in Cap-Ex Resources (CEV.v) and the paper sewered instantly and is fully worthless.
Mick 'many names' Shemesian

Andrew W. Bowering
So HOW do we respond to the threats of proven securities scum coming from the gooey lips of a dopey shemale HA liarTard with far more nose hair than brains?

Yup, you guessed our answer Citizen. This wicked scuzzy LiarTard can go run, lips flapping gleefully, to get her $ 50,000 retainer outta the massive open chitface crooked basterd Matich and away we will go. Pffft.

Graham Harris