Thursday, April 28, 2016

Suzan El-Khatib - 'Foxyroller' on Stockhouse - Update V - 'Persecutory Delusional Disorder'

In one of those 'Holy Fuk' moments we have figured out precisely what is 'wrong' with Ms. Suzan El-Khatib. What she is suffering from has a name, and it is called 'Persecutory Delusional Disorder'.

Being a dopey layperson I mistook the symptoms for the cause. Yes of course Ms. El-Khatib displays obsessive/compulsive paranoia behavior. What is driving that is Persecutory Delusional Disorder. Reading the Wiki material is reading a description of Ms. El-Khatib and nobody can deny it.
There is nothing in this reality that will stop Ms. El-Khatib from thinking your author is the leader of a massive 'paid basher conspiracy' regarding Copper Fox. (CUU.v)

Wiki describes Ms. Khatib frighteningly well ... "A challenge in the treatment of delusional disorders is that most patients have limited insight, and do not acknowledge that there is a problem."

Delusional disorder tends to appear in middle to late adult life, and for the most part first admissions to hospital for delusional disorder occur between age 33 and 55. It is more common in women than men, and immigrants seem to be at higher risk."

Suzan El-Khatib
We have already wasted hours of this limited lifetime going through the utter, utter pathetic rubbish of 'foxyroller'. It is boring, it is sickening, it is fully the spewing of a mentally sick obsessive compulsive. I can sum up hundreds, yes hundreds of daily posts as follows ..."Paid Bashers, Boiler Room" Ms. Suzan El-Khatib has attacked yours truly on the CUU forum many dozens, likely hundreds of times. (We've only gone back in semi-detail about 6 months)

"He will either be posting under one or more of his hundreds of aliases like FatGuyInATrackSuit, SlushiQ, LarryTheBuss.....and or scheming to launch another fake foxy alias on AG next week! This freak also is on the run as a warrant was issued on Jan 16. Look it up on the Internet. His sordid history is all there for public consumption."

Suzan El-Khatib
We can take a few things away from this particular post. First is the fact Ms. El-Khatib clearly convinced herself that I was 'fatguyguyinatracksuit'. That's why we need her 'inboxed' threat to him about 'patched brothers'

There is no internet source for outstanding warrants although a practicing lawyer could easily get access to that. Ms El-Khatib passed that information to Dennis Watson of the 'Gangsters Out' blog, along with my police booking photo. Both items have been proudly displayed in public for months. The police booking photo has been twittered uncountable times.
So we have slogged through a few hundred of the ZILLIONS of Suzan El-Khatib posts on Stockhouse and have learned that the woman for damn sure has one or more severe mental illnesses ... specifically obsessive compulsive disorder mixed in with paranoia.

Ms. El-Khatib ('foxyroller') has been slagging your author's semi-good name for years. The woman has accused NUMEROUS posters on SH of being yours truly, and that means SCORES of people have received threats. It's bloody ridiculous.

We are hoping mightily 'fatguyinatracksuit' contacts us regarding details of an 'inbox' threat. stoxxman(at)

Suzan El-Khatib
Latest shittage on Stockhouse confirms some things I knew already ... Suzan El-Khatib sent 'patched brothers' to get me. Dopey KUNT has some manballs putting that in writing. And people thought I was paranoid about the possibility of a 'contract' on my anus? It was sent in a 'Private Message' so the cops might need to retrieve it from Thom Calandra and Marcus New. (Owners of Stockhouse). On other fronts she also posted my rap sheet and booking photo on SH, both confidential items that ONLY a dead crooked longnose dirtybum LiarTard would have access to.
We will be putting all this 'latest' horseshit together for the dead fucking useless B.C. Law Society, who proudly boasts an 87% clearance rate on public complaints in the first week. Riiiiiight. Explains how the Suzan El-Khatibs of the LiarTard profession in B.C. get away with virtually every crime (even conspiracy to murder?) as they please.

As amazing as it Ms. Suzan El-Khatib simply CANNOT shut that evil, evil, wordhole on SH, and continues to spew uncontrollably. That's actually good for me but DAMN reading her unbridled and continuous hate is pure drudgery. What a hatefilled sad longnose dirtybum.
Suzan El-Khatib
The last mention of "My Three Patched Bruthaz" Threat by "Foxyroller" appeared March 17, 2016 on Stockhouse. And what a pain in the ass this 'needle in massive El-Khatib haystack' truly is. Here's hoping the message recipient can forward a copy (plus headers so we can track the basterd, a screenshot would be great along with any 'post IDs') to stoxxman(at) pronto.


Google searches on the term "My Three Patched Bruthaz" are interesting, although it appears many of the posts have been removed on Stockhouse. Getting the 'post ID' is all we need however. Observe Citizens ...
"Any of my three patched brothers would be willing to meet you..."

And, total news to us, Suzan El-Khatib was slagging us on the Morro Bay Stockhouse thread on June 15 of 2015 as well, for some reason.


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Latest and greatest on uber longnose dirtybum LiarTard Suzan El-Khatib is the dead certain and proven fact she is 'Foxyroller' on Stockhouse and has been slagging the public's right to free speech for, at very least, six fucking years. Some 10,550 posts and counting. (And 1.2 MILLION 'reads'? Geezus, get a hobby you loser)

And the connect to this space makes COMPLETE sense. We have been tracking the horrid PoS near total scam Copper Fox (CUU.v) and flaming career dipshit asshole Mr. Elmer B. Stewart for eons, and that is the deal Suzan El-Khatib seems connected to every day.

So wicked dirty Hells Angels LiarTard Suzan El-Khatib runs breathlessly to the fucking cops to make fraudulent police complaints about how 'threatened' she is whilst at the SAME TIME slagging your author ad nauseum on Stockhouse. Somebody should check this dopey 'woman' for numb manballs. Holy Fuk. Now we are obligated to go through her vast Gutenberg Bible of utter nonsense for evidence. What a total KUNT.

Suzan El-Khatib