Saturday, April 9, 2016

Raccoon Sex wakes Toronto woman

If you see this balcony rockin’, don’t come knockin'. It was too early Thursday morning for Ava Kwinter to unsee what she describes as a “traumatic” start to her day.

As she passed by her door leading to the second-floor balcony, she saw two shadowy figures locked in an embrace. Yup, she caught two raccoons having sex. There are a million raccoon stories in Toronto and this explains why. The amorous raccoons weren't about to stop for just anybody, even as Kwinter banged on the glass door and flipped on the light switch.
“My daughter said, ‘Oh, they’re so sweet. They’re hugging’ and I was like, ‘This is disgusting,’”

And the male apparently had stamina, with the action lasting over 25 minutes. “I’m an animal lover but I can’t stand this,” she said. “I found it gross and disgusting. There is still tufts of hair and gunk all over the balcony.”

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