Friday, April 29, 2016

Oz Hells Angels declare War - on Redbubble T-Shirts

THE Hells Angels outlaw bikie gang has passed the hat around its members, raising $30,000 in a bid to keep its lawsuit against a hipster T-shirt website afloat.

Browns Plains-based Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation (Australia) – declared a criminal organisation by the Queensland Government in 2013 – has sued website Redbubble for breach of intellectual property after its fearsome logo appeared on three T-shirts and one poster purchased from Redbubble in 2014.
The club says it members are 'distressed'. The club points to a $31 T-shirt with the Hells Angels crest on it, a “Hells Angels Maths Club” T-shirt and a “Hells Angels Movie” T-shirt, and a poster of a bikie wearing his colours sitting with a girl.
The club says its “skull” logo is “highly valued by club members” and should only be worn by those who belong.