Saturday, April 2, 2016

Goldfish growing into Giant Canadian Monsters

Goldfish are small adorable little fish that can be purchased for a nominal price at any local pet shop. Most people don't think of them as an invasive species. People who get tired of them, and cannot find the heart to flush them down the toilet, are granting them their freedom instead. That is turning out to be a mistake.

Set free in Canada's waterways, they can never get enough food to satiate themselves. This causes them to keep growing. They are also tough, fully capable of living in cold waters with little oxygenation.
Authorities are now finding giant goldfish. Without natural predators to check their population growth they are breeding in Canadian waters unchecked. Technically it's illegal to take living fish from one body of water and transfer them to another, such as a river, stream, or lake.

The best course of action for Canada's environment is to euthanize them.