Thursday, April 21, 2016

Five-year-olds too old for Shayne Lund - Update

Avery Taylor
Two women who assisted Shayne Lund, a man obsessed with raping children and animals, were sentenced to prison Wednesday as long-term offenders. Avery Taylor and Kathryn Thompson, both 22, were designated as LTOs because of the risk they pose to children after they repeatedly and “enthusiastically” assisted boyfriend Shayne Lund, 25, formerly of Orillia, in his twisted desires.

Taylor was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison followed by six years of intensive supervision in the community. Thompson received three years in prison with four years of community supervision.

Kathryn Thompson

Shayne Lund
After a five-year-old girl fought off Shayne Lund’s sex-crazed advances, he begged his girlfriend to get him younger children who wouldn’t know any better or tell. “I want the two-year-old,” Lund texted Avery Taylor, a babysitter, according to a newly released agreed statement of facts. “I’m fixated ... I want her bad.”

“I’m trying hun,” Taylor responded.

Lund, now 25, formerly from Orillia, has been in custody since his arrest in September 2013. He’s pleaded guilty to 35 charges, including planning to kidnap, drug and rape children; sexually assaulting children; making child pornography; and bestiality with dogs and horses.
Taylor and another Lund girlfriend, Kathryn Thompson, both 22 and from Orillia, have pleaded guilty to their own list of related charges.

In the 233-page statement of facts, text messages between Lund and Taylor show they had ongoing plans to kidnap a younger child after plans to abuse the five-year-old girl failed twice.

“I liked that she saw my (penis) and I liked that she was resistant,” he replies in a text, referring to the five-year-old. “If you want them awake we need younger,” Taylor replied. Lund then describes perverted sex acts he’d perform on a toddler.

Shayne Lund, Avery Taylor

Shayne Lund
Shayne Lund is due back in court in June, 2016 after undergoing a psychiatric assessment to determine his suitability for the LTO designation.

Guess what folks. It is EVERY man's direct responsibility and unquestioned duty to correct this animal if the opportunity EVER presented itself.

This scum doesn't deserve to use the same air we do and this world would surely be MUCH better off without the likes of 'humans' like Shayne Lund polluting it.

Kathryn Thompson, Shayne Lund