Friday, April 29, 2016

Dog Chit piling up in Public Parks

Kelowna Parks Services Manager Ian Wilson has called on pet owners to clean up after their pets, noting that waste matter can be washed into Okanagan Lake.

Leftover dog poo is a big problem, he said. Each of the area’s 38,000 dogs deposits about 124 kilograms of waste per year, and approximately 40 per cent of that is left behind by owners.
The problem is the same in Vancouver. Metro Vancouver staff said nearly 500 tonnes of dog waste is deposited in regional parks every year — an amount that would require 50 dump trucks to haul it away.

One writer estimated in 2012 the annual weight of dog poo in the city of Vancouver at 18,000 tonnes, more than 1.5 times the weight of B.C. Ferries’ biggest ship. Park Supervisor Tom McComb said a lot of people ask him what the big deal is. “The problem is, dog owners see only their dog, where we see the cumulative effect of dogs.”