Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Barrie Special Constable Ralph Hillyard fired

BARRIE - A special constable who went into a booking station to view a video showing a female prisoner in the cells using the toilet has been fired.

Ralph Hillyard, a Barrie Police special constable for 16 years, was fired hours after a judge slammed the officer in a judgment. The judge said the sport of viewing cell videos was common place for the sake of “gossip mongering” and curiosity — conduct he found “egregious.”

Hillyard had testified he often watched cell inmate videos, and that it was “common place.”
The female in the cell was a Barrie Police special constable who was arrested for drunk driving after leaving a party on Christmas Eve in 2014. After her arrest, she was immediately suspended without pay and later fired from the job she held since 2004. The judge tossed her impaired charge, ruling there was an abuse of authority on the part of “the state,” as well as an abuse of privacy and integrity.

“Her privacy rights were thoughtlessly ignored,” said the judge, who questioned why Ralph Hillyard had not been suspended or even reprimanded.

Barrie Police officials have refused to comment : info@barriepolice.ca
Chief of Police - Kimberley Greenwood. Ms. Greenwood has been in charge of the Barrie Police since 2013. She was paid $241,113 in 2015 - "The City of Barrie is well served through the dedication of duty by our civilian, sworn and auxiliary members. They are committed to our community." kgreenwood@barriepolice.ca

Deputy Chief of Police - Bruce Carlson. Mr. Carlson has been Deputy Chief since 2010