Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump : Protestor "probably Isis-related" - Update

Donald Trump has claimed an attempt by a protester to rush the stage at a rally in Ohio was "probably Isis-related". A video caught the moment an audience member tried to breach the security barrier surrounding the presidential frontrunner at the rally in Dayton on Saturday.

The Republican presidential hopeful was surrounded and manhandled by security but did not leave the stage. A man named Thomas Dimassimo was later arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic but there is no evidence he is linked to the terror group.
A rally in Cincinnati, which had been reported as cancelled, is also set to go ahead on Sunday, according to Trump.

The incident follows a rally in Chicago which was abandoned on Friday night after protests turned violent.
Donald Trump has become so exasperated with the protesters who interrupt his campaign rallies that he announced Saturday night that he wants police to start arresting them.

"I hope these guys get thrown into a jail," Trump said
So it was only a matter of time. Here we have the ugly side of Trump's rhetoric and is this the man who is REALLY going to become the leader of the free world? Are there enough prisons in the US for those not agreeing with Trump?