Thursday, March 10, 2016

Suzan El-Khatib getting Sued for Securities Fraud? - Update

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John Robertson, President of Reg/REGI U.S. Inc. Reg Technologies - RRE.v
Suzan El-Khatib did indeed sign off on the 'Minewest' scam in 2012, as well as the most recent fraud financials. Without any question whatever she is guilty of breech of fiduciary duty. A better question is her very instrumental role in open securities fraud.

Having the British Columbia Securities Commission getting off their useless asses is telling. I believe the SEC is closing in. The fact Robertson unloaded his $ 1.98m home in Richmond in January may be saying a few things too.
Latest and greatest in the fully unconfirmed rumor department is word that Reg Technologies, Regi U.S. Inc., REGRF/RRE and RGUS, and confirmed director asshole fukfaces Suzan El-Khatib and sugar Da Da John Robertson are in the process of getting sued.

Even better it gets. Apparently the SEC has gotten complaints and are looking into the entire load o chit vis-a-vis securities fraud. They don't fuk around like the useless tits at the British Columbia Securities Commission.
So hardy the fuk har har Suzy, your stinky orifices are getting the recognition they so richly deserve, and even WITHOUT the criminal HA connect to Damiano Dipopolo getting fully aired out, yet. THATS just too fukkin rich, truly.

Tis all rumor thus far, a horse of course. (Tee Hee)

President Clinton and John Robertson, President of Reg/REGI U.S. Inc.
Reg Technologies, Inc. owns the worldwide rights to the RadMax™ rotary technology and REGI U.S., Inc. owns the U.S. rights.

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