Friday, March 25, 2016

Oz father and son jailed for killing high-ranking HA bikie

Zeljko Mitrovic
Wade Basanovic was 21 when he accompanied his father Michael to the Wetherill Park offices of Hells Angels heavyweight Zeljko Mitrovic three years ago.

Months of bad blood between Michael, who had been a member of the gang, and his one-time boss culminated in a heated argument on January 15, 2013 that ended when Wade pulled a gun from his pocket and began shooting. Seconds earlier, it's claimed Mitrovic told them: "You're all fucking dead."

Wade Basanovic
As Wade aimed five rounds at Mitrovic, an innocent office worker, Michael Bell, was struck. A NSW Supreme Court jury last year found Wade Basanovic and his father guilty of manslaughter and grievous bodily harm with intent.

Michael Basanovic had worked as a methamphetamine cook for Mitrovic. Basanovic was seriously assaulted at the Hells Angels' Petersham clubhouse in an attack he blamed on Mitrovic. He handed in his club colours soon after. Michael Basanovic believed Mitrovic was going to "knock him". The judge said "the offence was not committed in the heat of the moment," adding the pair had acted "as part of a planned criminal enterprise".

Michael Basanovic