Thursday, March 24, 2016

Media Circus as Jian Gomeshi found Not Guilty on All Charges - Update

"Topless protester dragged out of crowd outside court after Jian Ghomeshi found not guilty."
So here we go, again. It boggles this little mind what it is precisely this woman is protesting for and/or against. Examples like this make one believe the 'feminist movement' is all about nutbars seeking attention for some bizare reason.
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Verdict. Judge describes first complainant as ... "She deliberately breached her oath to tell the truth" and "a witness willing to withhold information from the police, crown and court."

Lucy DeCoutere's testimony ... "concerns about her last-minute disclosure of evidence to Crown and police, despite having own lawyer" "explanation not credible", "shifting facts from one telling to the next", "showed a willful carelessness with the truth" "Not credible." "I find as fact LD attempted to mislead the court about her relationship with Ghomeshi", "Points to email where she says wants to "fuck your brains out. Tonight."There is not a trace of animosity/offence in that statement" "deception under oath"

Third Complainant. "the extreme dedication to bringing down Mr Ghomeshi", "outside influence came into her own experience", "5000 messages exchanged. They said they would "sink the prick" among other references", " "At trial a very different truth was revealed.", "willing to tell half the truth for as long as she could get away with it"
Demonstrators outside the courthouse carried signs that read “Stop victim blaming” and police are on hand to keep the peace.

Marie Heinen used correspondence between the complainants and Ghomeshi following the alleged assaults to contradict their testimony and undermine their credibility.
Ontario Court Justice William Horkins: "The judgment of this court depends entirely on assessment of credibility and reliability of each complaint as a witness."

It is truly offensive, truly, when 'feminists' paint the justice system as flawed whilst holding out liars as their heroines. The singular issue here is truth.

Lucy DeCoutere

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