Thursday, March 10, 2016

4 year old shoots gun loving mother by accident

A four-year-old boy accidentally shot his mother in the back, leaving her - a passionate pro-gun advocate - badly wounded and facing possible charges, Florida officials said Wednesday. Staunch gun advocate Jamie Gilt, 31, who just a day earlier had boasted online about her toddler's shooting prowess, was cruising down a major thoroughfare with her son in the back when he shot her on Tuesday. The bullet went through the seat cushion.
Jamie Gilt Facebook page

Gilt, who is in stable condition, was so badly wounded that police detectives have been unable to interview her from her hospital bed. But they warned that she could face police action after they work out exactly how the boy - who was unharmed and is now with relatives - got his hands on the gun. The weapon was a .45-caliber handgun the unrestrained boy found on the floor of the pickup truck.

On Monday she concluded a discussion on Facebook about possessing weapons for self-defense by boasting: "Even my four-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot the .22."