Saturday, February 13, 2016

Taseko Mines suing Feds over New Prosperity

Fish Lake, 125 kilometres SW of Williams Lake.
Taseko Mines Ltd. is suing the federal government in B.C. Supreme Court and seeking unspecified compensation for a 2014 decision that blocked development of a proposed $1.5 billion gold and copper deposit. The Vancouver-based company claims that the government and its agents — including the environment minister at the time — failed to meet their legal duties to Taseko when they blocked the New Prosperity project.

Taseko also alleges, among other things, that its property was effectively expropriated without compensation when a federal cabinet decision on Feb. 25, 2014, made its mineral rights essentially worthless. The company didn't say how much money it's seeking through the lawsuit, filed in the provincial court, but said it's seeking general and punitive damages, plus interest, and any other relief that the court may choose.

Russell Hallbauer
"Given the conduct of the Government of Canada and its agents we have no other choice but to defend the interests of our shareholders and to protect their assets," Taseko CEO Russell Hallbauer said in a statement.

Yes of course Mr. Hallbauer. Its all about Taseko stakeholders and Canadians owing them large for protecting the environment. And speaking about protecting the environment on January 27, 2016 ... "The Wilderness Committee is claiming a major court victory after a B.C. Supreme Court judge dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed against the environmental organization by Taseko Mines.

In a strongly-worded decision, Justice Gordon Funt issued special costs in favour of WC, which argued the claim was designed to silence critics of the company's New Prosperity open pit mine."
Special costs are a punitive measure of public condemnation from the high court and the litigation was identified as being a SLAPP as well. (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation). Tsk Tsk fucking Tsk. Readers know how we feel about those, and special costs? Holy shit.

So. These assholes are a VERY special case. How special? Long time readers should remember the scads of effort we expended examining the Florence Copper Project, formerly of Curis, now of Taseko. That complete bullshitic rubbish continues to this very day, thankfully with zero progress being made on that offensive project.

(Table 18 page 49)
The reader's digest version of the Florence in-situ copper recovery project is the rock solid scientific fact the ore is highly radiometric and leachable. That means it's a 100% certainty the water table at Florence will be corrupted for thousands of years.

So these uber major league pricks have known this from day one and yet they are STILL pushing for the project. (while claiming it's safe, yada yada yada) In fact they pursued a SLAPP lawsuit on that one too. Amazing (in nada good way) these turds no?

Robert Dickinson
Meanwhile, back at the asshole ranch there's a stakeholder revolt brewing, finally. "Mark Radzik, managing director of Raging River, said that since 2012, Taseko has spent $26 million on management fees to HDI".

Of course a fukking horse, nothing new to see here. These boyotards are as corrupt as they can possibly come and it matters not who and/or what they openly shit on. True Fact Citizens

Ronald Thiessen
"So we have scientific data directly from not only the Florence Copper project, but from all other in-situ leach operations in Arizona as well. Critically important not only for the stunning conclusions of the experts, but because "base-line" background radiation is known for a certainty at the site.

There is NOTHING comparable to the extremely high concentrations of radiochemicals at the Florence Copper project. Testing of the quartz monzonite in 1996 returned concentrations of radiochemicals FAR in excess of acceptable standards. (Table 18 page 49 ... I cannot find concentrations higher anywhere else)
quartz monzonite
Leach Test
Gross Alpha
Gross Beta
Less 2

And the rock solid, take it to the bank, black and white conclusion of the experts at the EPA and ADEQ? "These data indicate that the PLS produced from the Magma Florence in-situ projects contain very high levels of radionuclides and that they are leachable."