Thursday, February 25, 2016

RCMP officers found guilty of accessing, possessing child pornography

Aiden Arthur Pratchett
A Saskatchewan RCMP officer has been found guilty of accessing and possessing child pornography. The verdict against Const. Aiden Arthur Pratchett was delivered by a judge in a Saskatoon courtroom on Wednesday morning.

Pratchett's lawyer had argued there could be many reasons for the files on the computer, including viruses. He also emphasized that Pratchett swore under oath that he never downloaded or possessed child porn.
The judge ruled it was unlikely anyone could have remotely placed the images on his computer. The judge also said evidence proved Pratchett was the only one with access to his computer.

The RCMP suspended Pratchett with pay the day after investigators seized his devices in October 2014. RCMP in Saskatchewan's Internet Exploitation Unit had been conducting an internal police investigation into file sharing and were tracing IP addresses when they identified a suspect.
Pratchett was posted in the remote fly-in community of Fond-du-Lac in northern Saskatchewan. A personal computer was seized from his home.

A timeline of Pratchett’s internet downloading activity was submitted as evidence. The entries showed that illegal activity had occurred in the early morning hours after Pratchett returned from his shift. Evidence showed Pratchett manually changed internet settings, which indicated that the illegal files were intentionally downloaded to his computer. Pratchett’s defense had no questions for cross-examination.

Ryan Hampton
In September 2015 former Vernon Mountie Ryan Hampton was found guilty of possessing and downloading child pornography as well as breaching court orders. Hampton, 37, breached court orders not to contact his then-wife Const. Valerie Little, herself a member of the RCMP.

Hampton and Little were both full time members of the Vernon RCMP in May, 2013 when Little turned in an external hard drive containing 60 images and three videos. He admitted to being addicted to heroin and cocaine.
There is absolutely nothing lower in this life than child molesters. Not rats, not rapists. These 'men' violated the public trust and lets be very clear here, they are sick and in need of correction, badly.

Certainly they will serve their time in segregation. In prison general population they would very probably wind up beaten to a pulp daily, or worse. The fact they are ex-cops would hardly matter, much.