Friday, February 12, 2016

DirtyBum Longnose LiarTard Suzan El-Khatib - Update

Full Patch HA Damiano Dipopolo
As the very truly criminal offense known as the Stephanie Guthrie matter fades into history with apparently no charges in response to her conduct, this space has been pondering the tortured, criminal mind of Hells Angels LiarTard Ms. Suzan El-Khatib.

She jumped into this sphere of attention with her representation of full patch Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo and his amazingly laughable (yet very true) claims of defamation by the hypocrite Rat Dennis Watson and 'Gangsters Out Blog'

Suzan El-Khatib
Ms. Suzan El-Khatib made headlines with her representation of Jody Claman in her divorce proceedings with Eran Friedland. The former 'Real Housewives of Vancouver' reality show star was stung for a truly jawdropping $ 700,000 in legal fees alone, far more than twice what Mr. Friedland's lawyer charged him.

Friedlander claimed his ex-wife tried to mislead and deceive the court, disobeyed court orders, failed to disclose and dissipated assets. He further alleged she was using delay tactics while doing so.

Jody Claman

Jody Claman, Eran Friedland
Judge Gropper agreed. Naturally, with this expert Suzan El-Khatib representation, Jody Claman was handed her ass on a plate. The judge found she lied like a sidewalk during proceedings ... using that OH so valuable El-Khatib legal advice to pervert the court.

The judge ordered special costs for her efforts, a very expensive way to learn not to lie to a judge like a longnose dirtybum.

Suzan El-Khatib
When the Dipopolo matter hit we very foolishly jumped to the aid of hypocrite Rat Mr. Dennis Watson. The entire concept of a full patch HA crying to the high court because of bad words that hurt his little feelings was incomprehensible. The fact Ms. El-Khatib instantly turned to 'short notice' applications to both out the Rat Watson and prejudice him stank to high heaven.

In essence she was playing 'dirty pool' (yet again) with the high court and playing roulette with that fully dopey Rat asshole's life. (Serious bad mistake caring about human shit like Dennis Watson)

Dennis Rat Watson

Brett Matich
As is documented here in detail. I contacted Ms. El-Khatib and informed her I would be looking into her conduct and that of Mr. Dipopolo. Well that did it. Her next move was to pretend (we assume) to represent the rapist Mr. Brett Matich. Brett Matich is a permanent resident to Canada via Oz and a charter member of this blog. His sickening background is written in stone and we don't cater to fucking rapists nor the TOTAL fucking scum representing them.

I knew then EXACTLY what Ms. Suzan El-Khatib was all about. I told her to fuck off and I bloody well meant it. That was the last time I ever contacted Ms. El-Khatib unsolicited.
Ms. Suzan El-Khatib then ran to the Vancouver Police claiming 'criminal harassment' as she initiated BCSC litigation, again abusing the 'short notice' process. She began using google 'take-downs' to remove all public comments ... very open censorship. In essence she was abusing every possible avenue to 'get' and silence me. Legal or not.

Meanwhile the massive coward rat Dennis Watson folded like Chinese lawn furniture and became her little pussy Rat bitch. He passed personal information and all my e-mails to her. We know this as fact because that information found its way into her pleadings against me.

Suzan El-Khatib
Ms. El-Khatib ran to the VPD multiple times, claiming her life was in danger. The concept of a HA lawyer feeling threatened by a blogger with no record is beyond retarded. Finally, by the third attempt, she found a way to make it work. We believe she sucked the willing asshole of a crown counsel she knew. No cop with a working brain would have swallowed her complete bullshit.
I was nabbed in the BCSC courthouse library where I was waiting on her BCSC documents from a process server - after demanding, and failing 14 consecutive times to get them from her liartard Michael Zsolt Galambos. (A thief already busted red-handed on BCSC 'short notice' fraud.)

Then came the death threats, and many of them. 'Doing' this blogging nonsense attracts nutbars, so we know all about the garden variety death threat.

THESE threats were and are faaaaaar different. In virtually every case they contain EXTREMELY detailed and what should be confidential information. My date of birth, my full name, my place of birth, my social insurance number, description, known associates ... basically everything and anything that the cops would know. The threats had to be coming through El-Khatib.
So we ran.  We ran far, we ran fast, and we ran like our dopey life depends on it. Why? Well, this entire episode points out that the cards are stacked very wickedly and fundamentally against me. I have no problemo with BCSC litigation. Been there, done that, and more than a few times. Having the cops working for a Hells Angels kunt ready to have me whacked is a faaaaar different story.

The very open criminal Suzan El-Khatib doesn't 'play' fair. We know this. There are no rules for her. She does what most would NEVER do ... whatever crime it takes to fuck her target's asshole. She might have a contract out on me. Am I out of my mind? Nope. I'm being 'dead' serious.

What's a life worth to a street scum? 50k?, less? Suzan El-Khatib has that, she stole many times that from the totally dopey mcdope Jody Claman. I'm running because that is what is required under these fukked up circumstances. 
The absolute latest has the Rat Dennis Watson obtaining my police booking photo and posting it online. It has also been twittered a few zillion times. Where did he get it? There's only one possible source ... Suzan El-Khatib.
Your author's VPD booking mugshot - obtained by a rat how?
If the grossly overweight old fuck Dennis Watson of "Gangsters Out" figures his proving himself a rat to the world bothers me, he can suck my wide open asshole with joy-filled gusto. For the record I was running on no sleep for almost 3 days and just spent 12 hours on uber hard VPD benches waiting to be released by those corrupt motherfuckers. Nobody is gonna look like Brad Pitt after that.

Fuck you Dennis Watson. I'm nada rat and I wouldn't suck fully dirty Suzan El-Khatib pussy in this lifetime. I'd tell her hitman to go fuck himself long before that ever happened.
My word has the BAW boys FINALLY paying the fat old fucker Rat Dennis Watson a long overdue visit. The East Van boys don't like being labelled pussyfaces after all apparently. Rocco? Damn dude, how could you let it go this long? This full-on retard has been laughing at you and your East Van boys for many years. Zero respect. Retarded Rats like Dennis Watson need it beaten in.

Dennis says he's a tuff guy and will take on all comers, no problemo. Be 'Guardian Angels' tuff Dennis Rat Watson you phat old 'religious' fucking nutbar, you've had it coming for a very, very long time. (My money is on Rocco and the East Van boys ... any fukkin day)

Dennis Watson - Rat

Dennis Watson

Guardian Angels FagBoys

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